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Brentwood Community Hospital


Brentwood Community Hospital offers state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient facilities, antenatal and dental treatments, rehabilitation and therapy. It also acts as a local base for children’s services, midwives and community nurses, providing a wide range of essential services to the local population.


Billericay, Brentwood & Wickford Primary Care Trust


Kajima Partnerships
Sheppard Robson
Mansell Construction
Integral UK / Initial Healthcare

Asset Values



Operational from August 2008

Kajima’s challenge was to replace an existing 1930’s building with a new facility providing today’s advanced standards as well as to deal sensitively with the local wildlife and ecology issues. The hospital was designed to maximise views and lighting and to enhance the relationship between the different departments and maintain smooth circulation around the hospital.

Situated in a wooded area, Brentwood Community Hospital respects the exceptional local ecology by minimising tree loss and maximising views in and out of the building with a minimum of one window per room.

The result is a first class hospital that has delighted local people and been awarded an “Excellent” NEAT rating. In addition, the 52 beds provided for patient recuperation have simultaneously freed up the nearby Havering Hospital’s acute care spaces.