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Estate Modernisation Programme (EMP), South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (SWLSTG)

London, UK

Kajima is one half of the master developer team that is redeveloping the Springfield University Hospital site (SUH) in Tooting. The project involves the construction of two new mental health buildings a forensic/non-forensic element, funded by capital receipts from surplus NHS land. The rejuvenation of the Springfield site involves the transformation of 82 acres including 839 new homes, a primary school, a care home, retail units, redevelopment of listed buildings and the creation of a 32 acre park. The park will be the largest park to be built in London since the 2012 Olympics.


South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust


Kajima Partnerships and Sir Robert McAlpine Capital Ventures (STEP)
Sir Robert McAlpine Construction
Pinnacle Power
Barratt London
City & Country

Asset Values

£150m, creation of a new community centred around new mental health buildings



Springfield Village is a prestigious estate modernisation programme for South West London & St Georges Mental Health NHS Trust.

Expected to be handed over in 2022, the new mental health buildings will deliver, 20,000+ m2 of modern, purpose designed facilities.  The development will transform the Trust’s operations by bringing staff together into forensic and non-forensic buildings, enhancing operational efficiency and quality of service for service users.  It will also act as a catalyst for the regeneration of the local area thanks to enhanced community, leisure and retail facilities.

The development will ultimately be self-funding, with proceeds from the various residential developments covering the costs of construction.

Main features of the project include:

  • • Housing of approximately 839 dwellings including affordable housing with local on-site nursery facilities 
  • • Preservation and redevelopment of historic listed buildings
  • • Community facilities including a 64 bed care home
  • • New forensic and non-forensic mental health facilities in Springfield
  • • Improved leisure and retail infrastructure including community parkland, formal garden spaces, fitness trails, contemplation space and sports facilities

Partnership aims

Kajima is a 50% partner in the STEP team.  The consortium includes Sir Robert McAlpine as the main contractor, Pinnacle Power as the energy services provider and residential partners Barratt London and City & Country. The main aims of the partnership are to:

  • • Manage the development in a way that protects the Trust’s ongoing commitments to its service users
  • • Improve environments and space utilisation by reducing the number of sites from which the Trust operates
  • • Optimise estate infrastructure to generate the capital funds to meet construction costs

Kajima’s partnerships model combines the expertise needed to achieve the specific goals set by the Trust.