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Marshland Hall Community Centre

Wisbech, Cambridgshire

BookingsPlus: reaching out to the wider community


Marshland Hall Community Centre



Start date

Jan 2019

Marshland Hall is a vibrant and all-inclusive charitable trust, with a vision of being the centre of a lively local community. It is their mission to enable and facilitate a variety of activities which embrace and address the social, cultural and educational needs of all the members of their community. They pride themselves on providing opportunities for their neighbours and villagers to meet and socialise, and encouraging all to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle through their work with Sport England.

Prior to the start of 2019, Marshland Hall had been running for just under a year and they were managing a number of bookings using a basic system that consisted of a paper diary and calendar. It was a laborious and repetitive process which required relaying most of the information to the treasurer and made keeping track of the ongoing bookings very difficult.

After introducing BookingsPlus, the streamlined system meant that all bookings were automatically added to the calendar, which was available online for all relevant parties to see. This has given their customers greater control when overseeing the details of each booking, which saves time and greatly enhances the efficiency of the process.

They have a diverse range of community groups that use their facilities, particularly amongst the elderly population which they work closely with to reduce social isolation. It was therefore important to them to have a system in place which is simple and exceptionally easy to use and BookingsPlus offered the perfect solution.

Engagement with the younger generation of the community is equally important. They regularly host events such as school plays, holiday camps and sporting fixtures that help children from the local schools gain new skills, improve their fitness and make new friends. With such a variety of activities taking place, the integrated website system with BookingsPlus provides a great platform for promoting events and is a valuable marketing tool to help generate additional bookings.


  • As I am the main individual responsible for the running of Marshland Hall activities, BookingsPlus has removed the administrative tasks, which frees up a significant amount of my time. This has made it considerably easier to plan for future events and populate the activity calendar. With the support of BookingsPlus, Marshland Hall continues to be the beating heart of the community.
    James Bamfield
    Centre Manager