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North Tyneside Schools

North Tyneside

North Tyneside Schools is a key PFI project focused on improving four schools (Burnside High School, Western Community Primary School, Marine Park First School and Coquet Park First School) in the Wallsend and Whitley bay areas.


North Tyneside Council


Kajima Partnerships
Seymour Harris Keppie
Kajima Construction

Asset Values



Operational from November 2003

Through extensive consultation with the council, local government and key stakeholders, the consortium, led by Kajima, has created unique and all-inclusive educational spaces. All four schools share the same design philosophy but are distinct, with facilities and design features that match the specific site and briefing requirements.

The schools were built with an emphasis on maximising available internal space and providing high quality external environments for students and the wider community to use. The collaborative approach has aided in the development of multi-purpose facilities such as the community pool located at Burnside, which while located on site and used by the school, is owned by the council.

The result is state-of-the-art schools that offer a range of excellent learning facilities and communal spaces to students and the wider community.