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The Class of 2020 Conference

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Last week our Investment Manager Daniel Bumpstead attended the Class of 2020 Conference in Berlin. 

The conference is the largest and most respected student housing conference in Europe, attracting the largest operators and associated companies around Europe.

It was a really impressive conference which offers a lot of insights into the European market. 

With almost 20 panel discussions throughout the day, held on three stages simultaneously, Dan’s key takeaways from the conference were:

  • The success of student housing operators is based on the operator’s ability to enable a successful community.
  • Local Community managers have to be empowered to adapt the management of each student accommodation to suit the needs of students in that building.
  • Student operators need to listen to and work with tenants.
  • All continental European markets still suffer from a demand/supply imbalance.
  • The European student market is growing, and investors are increasingly bullish on the continent with Poland garnering a lot of attention as the most attractive emerging student market.

The conference was hugely enjoyable and valuable, so a big thank you to speakers, organisers and everyone involved. The Class of 2020 was a great conference and we look forward to next year!