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Kajima goes Green!

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Our Kajima offices held a Vegan and Vegetarian Breakfast today to introduce their Green and Wellbeing Team. They also used this opportunity to tackle the issue of single-use plastic bottles in the offices by giving each employee a reusable branded water bottle.

Over vegan pancakes and vegetarian bagels, the team discussed the benefits of a ‘greener’ office – from our ISO 14001 certification, brand image and preparedness for the future to, of course, doing the right thing for the planet.

The breakfast was a success! Everyone enjoyed the food and it helped to create an open space where the office shared their vision and ideas on how to be more eco-friendly.

The G&W Team aims to create a pleasant and environmentally sustainable office environment which will reduce the Kajima carbon footprint and improve the wellbeing of all employees. The initiatives are focused on recycling, use of paper and printing in the office, ditching plastic cups and bottles and promoting monthly environmental and wellbeing activities.

From us at Kajima we encourage everyone to make an effort to create a healthy and sustainable environmentally friendly office. Smart changes cannot only protect the planet but also improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of your employees.