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Kajima Partnerships' first steps into renewables

Tuesday 29 September 2020

Solar technology has proven to be not only the most efficient energy alternative but also a reliable investment. 

The UK ground mounted solar market has an exciting future. With the UK Government committed to Net Zero by 2050 there is a need to increase renewable sources of electricity by 3-5 times. This is bringing change, innovation, opportunity and excitement to the energy market. Kajima Partnerships wants to be at the forefront of this change by showing leadership and creativity as it believes that going solar is not only about making a sound, long-term investment, but it’s about taking responsibility. 

Our planet is our legacy, and there’s only one. Burning fossil fuels has caused a lot of damage already and the more we wait, the worse it will get. The UK enjoys surprisingly good levels of sunlight and we want to harness it to do our part to protect the environment. 

Our aim is to bring forward a rolling programme of clean energy solar projects across the UK working with Low Carbon Alliance and like-minded landowners. Solar is a truly renewable energy source. It will help us build a more sustainable world fitting with Kajima’s wider Environmental Vision and Policy. 

Projects & Investments Director, Chris Gill, has said: "Kajima Partnerships can use its investment in the solar market to be part of the UK’s journey to Net Zero and tackling the challenge of climate change."

If you want to know more detail or are keen to discuss further, contact Chris Gill.