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Office Management Software to support safe return to work

Friday 29 January 2021

During the first national lockdown, Kajima Community launched its office space management software to support UK businesses to return to their workplaces in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The software has been adapted from BookingsPlus, the lettings management software used by over 300 schools across the UK, to help businesses to control the number of people in office space, ensuring social distancing and meeting Government safety guidelines.  Although the Government are yet to release details on how restrictions will ease after lockdown, one thing is for certain, businesses will return to the office environment when the time is right.

The web-based end to end booking system is equipped with a dashboard desk management tool, allowing businesses to assign staff to desks for specified periods and to make certain spaces unavailable to maintain safe social distancing guidelines. The platform will also facilitate the scheduling of regular cleaning slots to minimise health risks to staff and automated email-based notifications of workspace changes. The system will also provide teams with descriptions of the facilities available at each worksite to help staff plan their day.

The management tool has already been successfully implemented at The Grange School in Aylesbury and within a busy central London office location to help staff with their day-to-day office and desk planning. The adoption of the software by these organisations will allow staff members to return to their normal working environment, when allowed to do so, helping staff to reap the many benefits of collaborative working.

Kajima Community’s core business is marketing and operating the community use of schools and other public sector venues which it has been undertaking since 2003. BookingsPlus lettings management technology has been implemented in a vast array of public venues from schools to clinical settings across the UK. In each location, BookingsPlus has helped to reduce costs, improve efficiency and generated critical funds for reinvestment.

Chris Smith, Head of Kajima Community, commented: “It will be important to get our businesses back to work to help the UK rebuild after the economic strains brought about by COVID-19 and a series of enduring lockdowns. However, it is paramount that, as we do get businesses back into the office, we do so without risk to staff health.

We’re immensely proud to be able to offer our space management platform to help UK businesses to return to work while protecting their teams, leveraging our widely successful BookingPlus software to help control the number of people in office spaces, manage desk usage and ensure timely cleaning practices. If workplaces can draw on technology such as this to ensure health and hygiene guidelines are observed, we can help get British businesses back to their offices safely.”

To find out more about how BookingsPlus’ office management tool could work for your business, take a look at our short demo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoV-HGeLbNY.

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