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Kajima’s asset management team help launch community fridge

Monday 31 May 2021

The initiative led by Co-Op and environmental charity Hubbub announced a major new partnership to fast-track the expansion of community fridges across the UK and the Kajima-assisted project was lucky enough to be one of the first Community Fridges to open.

Working with partners on Kajima’s Academy Services project in Oldham, involving the ongoing asset management of two secondary schools, Asset Manager Sarah Knowles, has helped launch a community fridge, open to members of the local community in need of a little extra support.

Community fridges are open to everyone in communities – without any need to be referred or having to prove eligibility – to share fresh food that would otherwise have gone to waste. The food is donated by businesses – with Co-op donating surplus food from its stores.

Kajima pledged £1,750 to contribute towards initial food stocks and have an ongoing fund of £500 per year, per school project, which can be used towards initiatives that support the schools and their local communities. At Failsworth, this money will be set aside for re-stocking of the fridge throughout the year.  

As well as providing much-needed support to the local community, the initiative will also give students an opportunity to get involved with a sustainable project, developing their social and interpersonal skills, leadership skills and building their confidence. In addition to the community fridge, the school are also implementing a uniform bank to redistribute and reuse uniform that is no longer required saving it from going to landfill.

The Academy’s Family Liaison Officer, Joanne Farnworth, said: “Co-op Academy Failsworth Community Fridge will be the hub of the community where families can access free food supporting the Marcus Rashford campaign to end food poverty. 

The Community Fridge, working in partnership with Hubbub, is also the perfect outlet to help reduce wastage from the supermarkets and redistribute this food to the community. This will also be the outlet for our uniform exchange as we work towards becoming a Green Flag school to reduce the amount of unwanted uniform that ends up in landfill.”

Kajima’s Sarah Knowles commented: “Kajima are pleased to support such an innovative scheme, bringing communities together and providing development and experience opportunities for the students.  As well as Kajima’s donation, there has been fantastic support from staff and students to get the project started and the ongoing donations they will provide.”