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Kajima and NHS Property Services launch new website to simplify NHS room booking

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Booking platform, developed by Kajima, streamlines the process of finding and booking NHS spaces, nationwide

Kajima have partnered with NHS Property Services (NHSPS) launching a new website that will streamline the process of finding and booking clinical and non-clinical space across the NHS estate, to optimise the use of their facilities and generate additional revenue.

The NHS Open Space website offers health services a self-service solution to book and pay for rooms via a digital platform. The objective of NHS Open Space is to offer a greater number of facilities and services in local communities, reducing the pressure on large hospitals and making life easier for patients. The platform currently encompasses 100 sites, with a further 45 sites becoming available in August 2021.

Chris Smith, Head of Kajima Community, commented: “The cost savings and additional revenue that can be generated for reinvesting into frontline services through better facilities management can be substantial. By streamlining the finding and booking of NHS space, this partnership between Kajima Community and NHSPS also plays a part in supporting the health service to continue to meet the challenges of Covid-19, helping ensure that resources are managed effectively for the benefit of patients.”

Kajima helps public sector venues connect with communities through services that are designed to market facilities and generate profits for venues. Kajima developed the Open Space booking platform with assistance from NHS Property Services’ customers. It gives both commissioned and third-party services more transparency and efficiency, helping them to reach new patients and customers, and pay only for the time and space they need.

Christopher King, Principal Strategic Asset Manager at NHS Property Services, added: “The potential for NHS Open Space to transform the NHS estate has become ever more apparent during COVID-19, as services seek flexibility and visibility over how space is used. The intuitive booking system means that users only pay for the time and space they need, which could provide much-needed relief on finances for independent and small businesses in the midst of the pandemic. It also makes better use of the NHS estate, driving money back into the health service at a critical time.

“I’m excited to see NHS Open Space grow and evolve in the coming year, with plans to expand rapidly across the NHS Property Services portfolio in 2021.”