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Kajima supports local charity to assess the impact of COVID-19 on children and young people

Monday 9 August 2021

Kajima’s Asset Management team, working on our North Tyneside School’s project, have awarded funding to local charity VODA to assist with assessing the impact of COVID-19 on children and young people from the area.

The North Tyneside School’s project involves the management of site operations, maintenance, security and SLA’s across four schools just outside of Newcastle upon Tyne; one large secondary and three smaller primary schools. As part of the project, Kajima oversees the allocation of an annual funding amount set aside for projects and initiatives which benefit the schools, their students and their local communities.

Earlier this year Kajima contributed towards “COVID, the vaccine and me” – a project to give a voice to children and young people in North Tyneside, about how the pandemic has affected them. The focus of the project is to create a short film using spoken words, pictures, poems and short stories.  The film will form the basis of a historical archive and planned exhibition, taking place later this year, within Tyne & Wear Museums. The film will also provide a valuable resource for schools and youth organisations to use for discussions and lessons around the pandemic.

David Moss, Asset Manager at Kajima said: “I first heard about VODA through an initiative the school and their catering providers were working on during the first lockdown – delivering free school meals to those children at home who would normally have received a free meal during the school day. I thought this was a great initiative and so approached VODA to see how Kajima might be able to work with them. I was told about “COVID, the vaccine and me” and thought it sounded like a great way to raise awareness of the views of children and young people on a major, global issue.”

Keith Hardy, Core Services Manager at VODA said: “Throughout the pandemic VODA have been at the forefront of the response to the pandemic, providing support for the vulnerable and those who are shielding as well as supporting the vaccination and testing programmes.  As such, we have heard many views and voices from a wide cross-section of communities about their experiences of COVID and its impact. What has not been audible are children’s voices.  VODA is a big believer in the importance of partnership working and the funding from Kajima will assist us to explore the views and feelings of children & young people about what impact COVID has had on them and what the vaccine means to them, with a view to making that voice heard in as wide an arena as possible.

The film is due to be released in the coming months.