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Workplace Wellbeing – Moodbeam, wearable technology trial comes to a positive close

Monday 2 August 2021

Moodbeam has been introduced to help develop better culture for colleagues and improve mental health in the workplace.

Kajima are committed to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing across all employees within the company, particularly due to the negative impact of Covid-19. During 2021, around 1 in 5 adults experienced an effect on their mental health which has doubled since the pandemic. 

Moodbeam has been introduced to help improve mental health in the workplace, the device allows colleagues to log their mood during work hours, and is designed to prompt colleagues to log how they are feeling via a mobile app. The feedback can be monitored by colleagues and as a company, managers can also monitor the dashboard to understand how colleagues are feeling.

Kajima monitored 20 colleagues across six departments over a three-month period to gain insight into the wellbeing of the team. This allowed the company to recognise where implementation of training programmes may be needed.  Since completing the trial, managers have participated in a mental health training course and three colleagues are currently being trained as mental health first aiders, as well as assisting the Green and Wellbeing team to promote new wellbeing initiatives.

Kajima’s Project Director, Richard Coe, participant in the trial commented: “I found it really easy to wear, use and liked the ability to monitor my mood in tandem with the number of steps I took each day, and the amount of sleep I was getting.  It was interesting to review the data in the app and flex my working day to make sure I did some exercise. I found it useful to press the blue button, especially when under pressure, I seemed to get a feeling of instant release, which automatically made me feel better. It really helped to take the ‘blue’ away.”

Overall, Moodbeam was a positive learning experience and has provided insight into the different challenges colleagues face when trying to balance work and home life. Kajima have recognised the importance of regularly checking in with colleagues and have prompted awareness and mindfulness within the organisation.