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Our bespoke facilities service a broad range of community health and acute care needs.

We specialise in delivering health and medical spaces that service a range of community, mental health, primary care and acute care demands. We take pride in creating environments that are expertly designed to meet the specific requirements of users, whether it be the delivery of care, spaces to aid rehabilitation or for organisations to work efficiently.
Our expertise allows us to create facilities that deliver greater efficiency and better health outcomes. And we deliver value through rationalisation, sharing and repurposing space, with emphasis on whole-life specification and ease of maintenance.

Our services

Development Development

We excel at developing health projects, such as Strategic Estates Partnerships, where we work with NHS Trusts across the UK to establish joint venture partnership arrangements. 

These projects focus on estate wide transformation, by driving efficient use of space and optimising estates to meet evolving clinical service delivery needs.  We have developed projects from conception for many different types of health and medical setting.

Increasingly, we see the built form as being the catalyst for wider reform, often driving cultural change, evolving workplace transformation and a focus on increased efficiency.

Investment Investment

The success of our business is built by being involved throughout the life of projects. We often work in partnerships through development, construction and occupation, providing leadership in approach and the rigour of comprehensive asset management. 

We provide both development funding and resources to projects, supported through long-term investment and management.

We create success through an innovative approach to investment; for example, taking development risk on surplus land that will generate a capital receipt to partially fund the development. Through Kajima’s expertise and capital, we can structure an investment solution to ensure successful delivery.

Asset management Asset management

We are passionate about managing health facilities that support the NHS to deliver better frontline clinical services. 

We strive to constantly improve efficiency, from strategically reviewing building occupancy and use, to identifying options for generating revenue from unused parts of health buildings. We are highly experienced in internal re-modelling and refurbishment works, to meet evolving clinical service delivery needs. 

We deliver increased value through the effective lease management, increased occupancy through modern fit for purpose accommodation and achieve reduced occupation cost by implementing efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

Healthcare Case Studies