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Social Care

Our adaptable social care facilities support and enhance people’s quality of life.

We believe in creating care settings that enable people to live an active and fulfilling life, whatever their circumstances. Our focus is on creating designs with inherent flexibility, so people can live safely and securely without the need to relocate as they transition through their later years.

Our development expertise brings together and promotes new ideas and concepts to support the growing expectations within the elderly care sector.
We work as a team, combining the various skills necessary to fund and manage the safe delivery and completion of projects. 

Our services

Development Development

We are highly experienced in bringing together the skills and partners necessary to manage the development of projects from initial site and location sourcing through to completion and handover. We use development appraisals to ensure site and design suitability and viability through early stakeholder involvement.

We work with our designers and supply chain partners to achieve a high standard of quality throughout, and ensure that our developments are flexible and adaptable to create a home for life. One which allows residents to remain in their homes as they progress through their later years and their care needs grow.

Investment Investment

We take a long term, proactive and investor-led approach to all our investments and developments. We manage and control all key stages of developments, giving us the confidence to inject and manage working capital at risk. 

As a financially stable and secure company, Kajima is able to fund projects through development and construction and is highly experienced in structuring funding solutions to match specific project profiles. 

We bring together banks, institutional lenders and equity funds to create funding terms that support efficient and affordable unit rental and purchase rates.

Asset management Asset management

We take a long term view on all our development assets. Our dedicated Asset Management team manages the on-going performance of projects through their life.

We act as the single main point of contact with our clients to ensure buildings and services continue to be delivered to the agreed and prescribed standards. We concentrate on stakeholder management and ensuring relationships continue to evolve for the benefit of the project as a whole.

We work with institutional funds to develop long term revenue generating assets. We ensure that funds provided are appropriately managed and the facilities developed, create assets that will continue to generate income over the long term.

Social Care Case Studies