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Work Space

We develop and invest in productive environments to meet the needs of businesses for now and in the future.

Workspaces are the engine rooms of most organisations. They are also an expression of the organisation’s culture, and increasingly, key to attracting, motivating and retaining staff. So it’s vital to understand how business locations and workspace needs evolve over time.  We have been active in the London office market for 30 years and have been delivering and managing workspace for the public sector for the past 15 years. 

The design and use of workspace has evolved substantially but our approach to finding the optimum design solution remains the same: rigorous analysis of the location combined with an understanding of your occupational needs and value drivers.

Our services

Development Development

From concept and feasibility analysis through to planning, funding, delivery and promotion, Kajima has developed over 2 million square feet of workspace across the UK with an emphasis on quality, and a fundamental understanding of what occupiers want.  

We seek out workspace development projects where we can use our expertise to add value. We have considerable experience and a strong track record of success in delivering profits to our partners and shareholders.

Investment Investment

We invest, either directly or with established local partners, in workspace projects in the private and public sectors across London, the UK and Europe on behalf of our shareholders and our investment partners.  

We drive value through both detailed market knowledge and analysis-driven asset management.  Whilst our investment decisions often go against prevailing conditions at the time, we consistently deliver exceptional returns, enabling us to reinvest for growth.

Work Space Case Studies