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Making compliance transparent

Offering unique insights and successful compliance solutions for both private & public sectors, promoting transparency in service delivery.

Our compliance team has over 30 years of experience of working in various roles across the Facilities Management and PFI/PPP sector. The team, can deploy that extensive experience and knowledge to comprehend the challenges encountered by all stakeholders. We have already devised and implemented robust and resilient compliance monitoring solutions across our own project portfolio, and for several other prominent managed-service providers. Our vision is to provide solutions that benefit both the public and private sectors, aiming to increase transparency and provide assurance that projects are being delivered to the highest possible standards.

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Compliance primary
Compliance secondary 2 Project Monitoring

Our advanced compliance monitoring system has been tailored specifically for PFI/PPP contracts. We've crafted a robust solution that comprehensively captures and stores key documentation to evidence compliance. Our system can be used to effectively and efficiently monitor multiple aspects of the services being delivered and can be extended to offer a unified space for all parties to conduct transparent self-monitoring.

Compliance secondary 3 revised Condition Surveys

Our team brings an innovative approach to asset condition surveys, using advanced technology to generate a 360-degree view of the asset and create a visual record of any findings, such as damage or wear and tear. This data is then stored securely within our system to enable easy comparison over time, tracking changes and maintaining a precise and visual record of your project. When deployed early in the life of a project this can provide invaluable information which can be referred to through the life of the asset.

Compliance secondary 1 Project Health Checks

Our Project Health Check process has been designed to deliver an in-depth audit and review of project compliance and is focussed on the common challenges found within the PFI/PPP sector. Our health checks are fully aligned with those outlined by the IPA for pre-expiry evaluations and are an essential and valuable component of an effective project management strategy, providing clients, including Trusts, Local Authorities, MSA Providers, SPVs, and FM providers, with a detailed report and action plan to facilitate improvement.

Our Compliance People

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Steve Blake Managing Director, Kajima Compliance
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James Clancy Compliance Manager