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Social infrastructure

Haverstock School

A co-educational comprehensive for nearly 1,100 students providing the residents of Camden with modern, high-tech facilities for the benefit of its students and its diverse and active local community. 

Client: London Borough of Camden Council
Kajima's role: Asset Manager
Status: Operational
Key stats: 12,000 sqm

Originally housed in cramped Victorian premises, the main focus for this school was to provide a more spacious educational environment that would allow for the specialist provision of a wide range of arts and technical subjects.

Despite the site being restricted in size by its footprint, within a highly residential area, a wide variety of facilities, including a floodlit all-weather pitch, have been incorporated by the innovative use of the available space, focusing on students’ needs. Designed by celebrated architect’s Feilden Clegg Bradley, the school, having a striking civic presence on Haverstock Hill, has become an excellent example of urban educational accommodation that positively affects the wider community and landscape. 

In the evenings and on weekends, Kajima Community coordinates and oversees the school’s transformation into a popular venue for a plethora of community events. Each year, the Community team supports the charity Crisis to host a Christmas dinner for over 300 homeless people. This highly inclusive facility also provides an opportunity for its locals to integrate and regularly hosts the likes of; acrobatics skills, volleyball, Camden saxophone band alongside Russian, Albanian and Egyptian supplementary schools.

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