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Lisburn Primary Care Centre

Concentrating health services to improve care across a whole city.

Client: South Eastern NHS Trust
Kajima's role: Developer
Status: Operational
Key stats: 12,792 sqm

Scattered across the city, the disparate nature of Lisburn’s healthcare services was inconvenient for local people. At odds with the reality of many healthcare cases, it meant patients were having to make awkward travel arrangements for separate, but often related, treatments.

Kajima has long been passionate about managing health facilities that support the NHS to deliver better frontline clinical services. 2018 saw our team work in concert with GPG O’Hare to begin construction of a new Primary and Community Care Centre in Lisburn with the aim of driving efficient use of space and delivering outstanding facilities to meet evolving clinical service delivery needs.

The £40 million project created a new 12,792 sq m centre which united eight GP practices, as well as other services, under the roof of one facility. This integration of primary and community care included modern minor procedures rooms, a children’s services centre, specialist dentistry, podiatry and orthoptics services, adult mental health services, addiction services, lymphoedema services and a range of other facilities. 

This concentration of so many services in one place encourages multi-disciplinary, community-centred care that reflects the Department of Health’s wider national strategy. This helps reduce hospital admissions through an improved service and makes healthcare less stressful, more accessible, and more efficient for the Lisburn community the centre proudly serves.

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