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Social infrastructure

North Tyneside Schools

Over 3,500 students every year are educated through key PFI project, North Tyneside Schools.

Client: North Tyneside Council
Kajima's role: Asset Manager
Status: Operational
Key stats: 23,000 sqm

The facilities are one of Kajima’s five grouped schools’ projects providing facilities that are a joy to occupy and enrich the pupil environment, whilst helping to improve both academic results and attendance levels. The schools were built with an emphasis on maximising available internal space and providing high-quality external environments for students and for the wider community to benefit from.

Kajima led a consortium made up of North Tyneside Council, local government and key stakeholders including school leaders, community users, equity investors and other government bodies, holding extensive consultation sessions with the aim of creating these unique and all-inclusive educational spaces.

All four schools share the same design philosophy but are distinct, with facilities and design features that match the specific site and briefing requirements such as all-weather sports pitches allowing all-year round outdoor sports at some sites, lifelong learning centres and dining halls that can be transformed to allow internal sports provision as well as a open communal areas.

The result is state-of-the-art schools that offer a range of excellent learning facilities and communal spaces to students and the wider community.

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