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Social infrastructure

Sheffield Hospital, Hadfield Wing

Reconstructed hospital ward to provide high quality care for the elderly.

Client: Sheffield Teaching Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust
Kajima's role: Asset Manager
Status: Operational
Key stats: 12,000 m2

Previously stood as the Old Vickers medical wards in 1878, Kajima acting as constructor, intended to decommission old wards from everyday use and either demolish buildings or use them for non-clinical purposes. Now known as The Hadfield Wing, offering a modern health facility, and focusing on care for the elderly. The development spans across 12,000 m2 and contains 168 beds, half of which are single rooms with ensure facilities to ensure comfort and privacy for patients.

Designed by Sheppard Robson, the development was design prospect was to maximise benefits of natural light and ventilation, to allow a calming environment for the recuperation of patients. Whilst wards were also arranged to ensure clear sight lines from nursing stations to every bedside to provide high quality care.

The building has been operational since 2007 and has since received a high recommendation from the CABE and NHS estates review.

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