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77 Coleman Street, London

A sensitive and sustainable refurbishment, creating inspiring workspace in Moorgate.

Kajima's role: Developer
Status: Operational
Asset value: 68,000 sqft office space 16,000 sqft retail space

As expectations of the places we work continue to rise, companies look for spaces better suited to their needs: spaces that are designed to inspire, built responsibly and capable of providing comfortable, energising working environments for their brightest minds to thrive.

At Kajima, we specialise in sensitive refurbishments that preserve architectural heritage and minimise impact on the planet. Working with the building rather than the site, 78% of 77 Coleman Street’s original frame was retained while completely transforming the working environment it provided. The 13,200 tonnes of concrete this saved meant enormous CO2 savings and less embodied carbon than almost any other development of comparable size.

The entire 84,000 sq ft of office and retail space was refurbished with particular attention paid to providing more outside space. This took the form of terraces and newly landscaped public realm including green, restorative gardens. Another priority was dramatically improving the building’s reception to create a captivating arrival moment befitting the building’s quality, location and community. 

In a city of constant reinvention, the paths and thoroughfares of the building’s urban grain had become tangled up. Darkened by new buildings looming over them or shut off completely from arteries they used to connect, this project had to reintegrate the entire site with its urban context in a meaningful way that restored its permeability. Opening up Nun Court at the building’s feet created a whole new retail frontage that brought even more value to the development, while unifying the three facades of the building through shared materiality achieved a renewed architectural cohesiveness.

77 Coleman Street was completed in August 2020. With the announcement of its completion came the news that its first tenant had already agreed to take three of the seven available floors.

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